The Life Coach & Motivational Speaker
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It has always been Modesty's passion & mission in life (from an early age) to make people feel better about themselves, help them achieve peace and breakthroughs in life and convey what they need in order for these feats to be accomplished. "No one is an island" and that statement is true due to the fact that there are more than 7 billion people on the earth.  Of the 7 billion people on the earth, not all have joy, not all have peace, not all are happy with themselves and not all feel they are getting the most out of life.​​

Life happens to individuals regardless of their ethnicity, religion, educational achievements, culture, biological make-up or economic status & it could be good. bad or ugly. It is the bad & ugly situations or challenges that Modesty postures herself as a Life Coach to assist others with in a rational & logical manner.

Modesty's background experiences are multitudinous from the music and fashion industries, non-profit organizations to assisting in the political arena. She has received special achievement awards for her writing skills and certificates for specialized training in the areas of Business and Celebrity Personal Assistance.

For well over 20 years she has engaged in public motivational, inspirational speaking,  theological sermonizing & teaching for which she has acquired three degrees. Modesty's eccentric and innovative speaking style has placed her on demand for Singles and Women’s Conferences, Keynote speaking for Charity Breakfasts and Luncheons, Relationship Seminars,  Women's Workshops, Women Empowerment Chats, Woman to Woman, Sister to Sister Sessions, Chat N Chews to hosting her own talk show (Celebrity Spotlight "LIVE") and has been a Guest Host for concerts, fashion shows and special events.​​
She has authored an autobiography entitled "How I Got Over" The Pat Reeves Story which discloses the personal and confidential files of her life's experiences revealing in detail the tragedies and triumphs she has encountered and how she got over the challenges that were trying to get over on her, enabling her to obtain victory & fortitude to continue living a happy, wholesome and successful life.

As an entrepreneur, she has spearheaded several business ventures. She is the former Owner of Just For You Accessories (retail store) for women and men, Editor In Chief of the Pat Reeves Report (a Gospel internet magazine). Currently she is the EOIC (Executive Officer In Charge) of CS Creative Enterprises LLC. Providing promotional and marketing interviews via the Celebrity Spotlight "LIVE" Talk Show, life coaching services and special events. In addition, she has served as a Co-Partner of Creative Ministries managing faith based and social events.

As a former Freelance Writer, her reviews of plays and celebrity functions have been published in a number of publications. Some of which were via the internet and others in print such as Gospel Truth Magazine, XII Magazine and the Industry Cosign (an urban centered magazine highlighting celebrities), musical artists and all things entertainment. Other talents include singing, songwriting, playwriting, public relations and event promotions.

DISCLAIMER:  The Life Coach is a licensed and ordained Member of the Clergy with an Associates in Biblical Studies, Bachelors in Theology & Masters of Divinity, but is not a Psychiatrist or Medical Professional. The content of the coaching sessions are conveyed based upon research, education and personal life experiences. Each individual must make the decision that is suitable for them personally. The attendee(s) cannot hold the Life Coach responsible for their own personal decisions or the results thereof. The information and coaching conveyed through the private sessions and the seminars is sound, logical & rational.

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